Sven Botman – an appraisal

Read more Oranje articles here As you may have guessed from the title, this is very much a positive piece. And keeping that in mind, you’ll understand why it will therefore include several zestful statements. Therefore it makes sense to start with one… If Sven Botman was playing for one of the so-called ‘big clubs’, ratherContinue reading “Sven Botman – an appraisal”

What to look out for in the Eredivisie run-in

Lead Photo Credit: Eredivisie Keep updated on new articles by following The Oranje on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook It has been nearly two years since the last winner of the Eredivisie. The Dutch top flight was the first major European football league to cancel its season in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis, meaning no champion for the firstContinue reading “What to look out for in the Eredivisie run-in”

One to watch – Joey Veerman, the heartbeat of Heerenveen

“That boy gives balls that you do not expect…It is not a matter of seeing, but feeling where your fellow players are. Veerman has that feeling.” “When he touches the ball, something special always comes out of his feet.” “I really think he is the best player in the Eredivisie. Football players such as VeermanContinue reading “One to watch – Joey Veerman, the heartbeat of Heerenveen”